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Even with Deron Williams back, Shaun Livingston is a big player for Nets

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

If this was a few weeks ago, the return of Deron Williams to the starting line-up would mean a bench roll for Shaun Livingston.  Not anymore, not after Jason Kidd's re-jiggering of the line-up.  He's likely to play Sdot next to D-Will and hope the Nets continue their recent success.

Reed Wallach notes the raw numbers don't tell the whole story...

And he proved, with his 19-point, 11-rebound game vs. the Heat, Livingston can be a big game player.  Ask LeBron James, who Livingston lured in a charge for his sixth personal.  Livingston, in an interview with GiveMeSport, credits Kidd with looking beyond his downside.

"I know I've bounced around, I know my struggles in terms of inconsistency and not being stable in the team," Livingston told Patrick Surlis. "But this year I'm just trying to play good ball. Jason [Kidd] brought me here, I wouldn't be here without him. I'm very grateful for that and I play hard for him."

It was by no means a given that Livingston would be a Net. Others liked Jamaal Tinsley, but Kidd (and Lawrence Frank) pushed for Livingston.