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A peek at the Nets alternate jersey: Short sleeve, black and white, Dr. J


The Nets calendar lists five games where the team will wear "alternate home uniforms" which are separate from the "Christmas Short Sleeve Jerseys." The jerseys will be worn March 21 and 28 as well as April 4, 11, and 15, the last home game of the season.

Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch thinks he's found the design...

I recently heard from a credible source who told me that the Nets have developed a new jersey that’s a lot like their classic Dr. J-era look, but rendered in their current black-and-white color scheme and with their current font. The source created a mock-up to show roughly what it looks like:

However, Lukas reports that mock-up is only half the story...

Unlike that mock-up, this new jersey has sleeves. That fits perfectly with the ambiguous news we recently heard about the league going with sleeved "heritage jerseys" next season. Neither the NBA nor Adidas has been willing to say what qualifies as a "heritage jersey," but this new Nets design would appear to fit the bill.

My source isn’t sure whether this new design is final, or just a prototype, or still in development. Time will tell.

Earlier this year, Brian Erni of SNY Nets thought he had found the jersey design. It rocked Dodger blue and grey.