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Wallace blasts Nets for keeping in dark on Celtic trade

David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

Gerald Wallace is having a terrible year, averaging four points a game in 18 minutes. He's only started four games and shooting 34 percent from the line, but barely going there. His frustration continues to build and on Thursday, he let it all go in an interview with the Boston Herald.  He reserved much of his criticism for his teammates, but slammed the Nets for dissing him on Draft Night.  He says he learned from ESPN that he was part of the Boston trade. The Nets had not called him.

Wallace was stunned, Mark Murphy of the Herald reports....

"It’s more hurt feelings, disrespected," he said. "What just happened? Nobody told you they didn’t want you or gave you a heads-up that they were about to trade you. It was just, bam, you’re gone to a team that’s been torn apart, and is looking to rebuild. That’s a tough place for you to be 13 or 14 years into the league.

"I was upset, but it had nothing to do with Boston or the franchise. I was upset about the way Brooklyn went about things and handled the situation, how it was done. It’s part of the league, you get on with it. But at the same time, it’s kind of tough. You work your way into becoming the player you are, and all of a sudden you’re starting all over again. You’re back to where you were in Charlotte. You’re not respected by the referees, the other teams, the league. It’s like you’re one of the bottom teams. For me, it’s having to start all over to build my reputation again."

Nets fans are familiar with Wallace's outbursts. He complained of having no role in Brooklyn. But this seems more personal.  Of course, complain as he might, he's still owed $30 million over the next three years, which should salve some of his wounds.  Meanwhile, the Celtics have sent former Net Keith Bogans home. He had complained of a lack on minutes. He received $5.1 million sign-and-trade contract as part of the deal.