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Nets aiming for Deron Williams to return on MLK Day against the Knicks

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Early Thursday morning, Billy King had an interview with SirusXM's NBA radio station. The most notable tidbit of information from the interview came when King said that the Nets are aiming for Deron Williams to return on Martin Luther King, Jr., Day against the New York Knicks, the team's first game back from London.

Williams received platelet-rich plasma treatment last Tuesday and will miss his 16th game of the season against the Hawks in London later this afternoon.

If Williams does indeed play against the Knicks, it will be 16 days since he played his last game. Last year, he had the same treatment and played his first game eight days later. Clearly eight days was enough for Williams; before the All-Star break and the injections, he was averaging 16 points and seven assists on 41% shooting. However, after the break, and the injections, Williams averaged nearly 23 points and eight assists on 48% shooting.

This season, Williams has shown flashes of himself that was seen during the second half of last season, but it hasn't sustained. He is averaging 13 points and nearly seven assists per game, but shooting 47% from the floor, and 41% from the three-point line, a career high.