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Nets schedule gets easier from here on out


Ed Kupfer, who is an analyst for the Houston Rockets, is a "statistics guru" who is known for his great work with strength of schedule. By Kupfer's calculations, the Nets are in pretty good shape looking forward.

As one can see from the chart in Kupfer's tweet, the Nets have had the eighth hardest schedule in the NBA so far this season. However, their schedule going forward is the second easiest in the league, by Kupfer's calculations. Unfortunately, the Atlantic Division leading the Raptors, the one's the Nets are chasing and stand 4.5 games behind right now, have the easiest schedule for the rest of the season. Another note from the picture is that all Atlantic Division teams have an easier schedule from here on out. The Philadelphia 76ers have the hardest schedule of all Atlantic teams, and is the 22nd hardest in the entire league.

Just as the Nets are starting to develop some chemistry on the floor, and producing wins, the most difficult part of their season is over.

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