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Brooklyn Nets busy in London

Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Garnett spent time filling a life-long dream, visiting Chelsea F.C. The team gathered at Nelson's Column for a group photo. Andray Blatche practiced his EuroStep on the streets of London. Tyshawn Taylor went shopping ... oh yeah. Mason Plumlee toured Buckingham Palace with his mother and participated in a seminar at Barclays with Brett Yormark and Billy King. He worked for  Barclays two years ago.  And Joe Johnson says they're running on fumes, two days before they play the Hawks.

"Man, you know what?" Johnson said Tuesday after practice at Imperial College. "I haven't been to sleep. We got in [Monday] and honestly, I slept for like five or six hours and I've been up ever since. I didn't even go to sleep [Monday] night. I'm on fumes right now."

And why not? As Rod Boone writes...

"Just get a load of the Nets' itinerary since Friday's double-overtime victory over the Heat: landed in Toronto at 4 a.m. Saturday; got stuck on the tarmac heading home late Saturday night and arrived in Newark at 5:15 a.m. Sunday; then turned around and hopped on a lengthy flight here Sunday evening."

Paul Pierce was more positive, saying it's all about balance. "It's a great position, getting opportunities to come to London in the middle of the season as part of the NBA. So you've got to have time to yourself to enjoy what you are able to do. Not a lot of people have this opportunity, so you've got to enjoy it while you can."