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Andray Blatche brings his 'Eurostep' to London

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sport

Andray Blatche, also known as 'Dray Live' or in certain circles #PointBlatche, has a patented Eurostep move which started as an anomaly and has now become a staple of his game. And as the team embarks on the city of London for a regular season game against the Atlanta Hawks this week, Blatche has decided to showcase his Eurostep on, well, unsuspecting blokes.

First, what's the Eurostep? Take a look:

It's pretty smooth, isn't it?

And here, posted on his Instagram account and brought to our attention thanks to Andrew Keh of the New York Times, is Blatche Eurostep-ing in London.

Man, it's a thing of beauty.

And if you want to compare, we offer this handy side-by-side.of Blatche's London EuroStep with his New York EuroStep from back in October.

We can hardly wait for Moscow or Beijing or Shanghai.