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Nets Nickname Jersey Update: The Complete List!

Reggie Evans via Twitter

Tonight's game against the Brooklyn Nets and Miami Heat will feature the release of the "nickname jerseys" for both teams. We already know what the "main" players are going to wear.


Reggie Evans will be wearing "The Joker," Shaun Livingston will wear "S.Dot", Kevin Garnett "The Big Ticket", while rookie Mason Plumlee will wear "Plums." Tyshawn Taylor released his nickname on gameday, and will wear "@teey_y."

In case you're wondering, no, apparently that's not his Twitter handle, as I learned.

The explanation:

Social media, for the win!

Here's the full list ... our favorite? It's close between AK-47's Cyrillic spelling of Kirilenko or Tokomotiv.

Andray Blatche                Dray Live

Andrei Kirilenko              Кириленко

Alan Anderson                Double

Brook Lopez                    Brooklyn

Deron Williams              D-Will

Jason Terry                     JET

Joe Johnson                  JJ

Kevin Garnett                 The Big Ticket

Mason Plumlee             Plums

Mirza Teletovic                MT3

Paul Pierce                     Truth

Reggie Evans                Joker

Shaun Livingston          S Dot

Tornike Shengelia         Tokomotiv

Tyshawn Taylor              Tee_Y