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2014 Free Agency

Nets getting a little slack from pundits, coaches

Although the initial reaction to the Nets' loss of Paul Pierce was that it consigned them to the lottery, little by little there's been some revision in certain quarters. Not much but it's a start ... and it comes from interesting places.

Mazzeo: Title dream still costing Nets big time

The Nets decision to pass on Paul Pierce has led to a great deal of skepticism about their commitment to win it all, although privately, team officials say they are still about building a "super franchise" just becoming more "financially responsible.

Big Shot Bojan

When the game is the line, Bojan Bogdanovic is often the man of the hour. Like Joe Johnson, his teams have come to rely on him for the big shot or the big play. We take a look at some of his more memorable moments.

Is Plumlee the Nets starting power forward?

Mason Plumlee spoke last week with the Charlotte Observer, which covered him at Duke, talking about how he's looking forward to taking on an offensive role. From the interview, and other reports, It sounds like he wants to play both big positions.

Rivers: Sign & Trade for Pierce "wasn't possible"

Citing both teams' priorities, Doc Rivers told Tim Bontemps that despite a lot of talk among the Clippers, Nets and Paul Pierce, noting got done because both parties were hamstrung by CBA issues, the Clips' hard cap and the Nets' payroll.

Winners and Losers? We got some!

The first of the winners-and-losers analysis is in, Fred Kerber's snarky look at free agency. Kerber doesn't examine every move and give it a letter grade, like ESPN might, just isolates some key players and teams ... and has some fun.

From Jersey to Brooklyn... The Best of it all

The Nets have made plenty of mistakes since moving to Brooklyn, but there's no way the bad will overshadow the good in the Brooklyn situation. We take a deep look into what Mikhail Prokhorov and co. have achieved since the move.

Nets re-sign Alan Anderson to 2-year deal

Alan Anderson has re-signed with the Brooklyn Nets for 2-years worth $2.6 million, his agency announced. The second year is a player option.

The morning after the morning after

For a fan base that got used to wild spending, the decision to pass on Paul Pierce was hard to take. Why now? many asked. For ownership and management, it was the smart move. Emotion may have overwhelmed fans, but for them, logic was on their side.

Is a business decision also a basketball decision?

The line between a business decision and a basketball decision under the new CBA is a thin one. And while it would appear that the decision not to sign Paul Pierce was about business, its consequences are just as much about basketball.

KG expected back in Brooklyn, even without Pierce

Multiple sources report that Kevin Garnett will return to the Nets next year. Garnett is under contract for 2014-15. He will be paid $12 million on the last year of his deal. His return, say sources, was not dependent on Pierce's decision.


Paul Pierce has decided to join the Wizards for the full MLE after the Nets simply decided to pass on re-signing him, citing financial considerations. Nets don't think they could win it all, but can be "competitive." So why pay Pierce at all?

Did Hollins hint KG's return is not done deal?

Was it a way to get Kevin Garnett's attention or something more? In a conversation with beat writers, Lionel Hollins said, "if he decides to come back and play" and "if he returns." That's a big difference from what Billy King has said.

How Sergey Karasev fits in Brooklyn

Sergey Karasev had a rough rookie season with the Cleveland Cavaliers, but following his trade to the Nets, he finds himself in a good situation, one where he isn't a development after thought and where his teammate and hero plays for a countryman.

Nets helped King's return but what's next?

The Nets helped the Cavs get the final piece for LeBron, but don't expect them to reap any more benefits. They simply don't have the cap space needed. Where they could reap some benefits in the new NBA landscape, tossed upside down in the Bronquake.

Pierce confirms Rivers talked to him about Clips

In a Google+ Hangout from the World Series of Poker Thursday, Paul Pierce said he has "no idea" where he will playing next year but added that he has taken calls from Doc Rivers, who's trying to recruit him for the Clippers.

Jack talks about how he can help Brooklyn Nets

Jarrett Jack and Sergey Karasev are now Nets. Jack spoke with Nets beat writers Thursday and said he learned of the deal when his agent called him in class and began singing "New York, New York" . He said he's excited to play in Brooklyn.

Mr. Prokhorov, your bill

ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reports Mikhail Prokhorov will pay an NBA-record $90.57 million in luxury tax payments. The total only became known this week because the number is based on the league's season-end audit. Total cost: Nearly $200 million.

Nets hoping to pair Karasev and Kirilenko

Sergey Karasev and Andrei Kirilenko were teammates on Russia's bronze medal winning Olympic team in 2012. Kirilenko even played with Karasev's father! Now, the Nets hope AK-47's tutelage can help the 20-year-old develop faster than in Cleveland.

Woj: Rockets contact about Pierce

Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports reports that the Rockets have made contact with Paul Pierce's agent, Jeff Schwartz, about joining the team.

Nets get Jarrett Jack, Sergey Karasev in trade

The Brooklyn Nets have sent Marcus Thornton to the Boston Celtics in a three-team deal that gets them Jarrett Jack and Sergey Karasev.

Nets thrilled with addition of Bogdanovic, Brown

The Nets are likely to have two rookies this season and they're thrilled with both the signing of Bojan Bogdanovic and the selection of Markel Brown. We know that's common for NBA front offices, but as of June 27, they weren't sure they'd have any!

Competition for Pierce likely to be Bulls, Clips

The most likely competition for Paul Pierce, say league sources, can be found in Los Angeles with the Clippers and Chicago, maybe in Dallas. As everyone waits for the free agency logjam to clear, the Nets and Pierce remain patient.

Nets interested in Jordan Crawford ... again?

Marc J. Spears reports that the Nets, along with four other teams, are apparently interested in Jordan Crawford, in a sign-and-trade. The Nets reportedly had interest in him in mid season, but the Celtics traded him to the Warriors.

Andray Blatche to meet with Raptors on Wednesday

Chris Broussard reports that the Toronto Raptors are set to meet with Nets big man Andray Blatche on Wednesday.

Paul Pierce in WSOP despite no contract

Despite not having a contract verbally agreed to a week into free agency, Paul Pierce is participating in the World Series of Poker.

Nets on way to another $100 million payroll?

Billy King says the Nets want to be "financially responsible.". But as his latest hire, Lionel Hollins, noted Monday, "Mikhail Prokhorov has the resources and barring a big surprise, the Nets appear headed to another $100 million payroll.

Bogdanovic agrees to sign with Brooklyn Nets

Bojan Bogdanovic, who the Nets have long waited for, will sign a three-year deal with the Nets that will bring him a $10.3 payout. Ohm Youngmisuk first reported the deal and noted a new element... the third year is a player option.

What's the market for Paul Pierce?

This is why they call it negotiation. While the Nets are reportedly only willing to offer Paul Pierce between $6 million and $8 million, Pierce thinks he's worth considerably more.... like $9 million to $10 million, says Chris Mannix.

NetsDaily Offseason Roundtable

The writers of NetsDaily attempt to attack what has happened over the past week with the Jason Kidd issue and free agency.

Nets, Cavs in talks for Jack, look for third team

The Nets may get Jarrett Jack after all. Adrian Wojnarowski reports the Nets and Cavaliers are trying to work out a three-team deal that would bring Jack to the Nets, send Marcus Thornton to a third team and permit Cleveland to gain max cap space.

Is Pierce back-up plan behind LeBron, Melo?

Shortly after midnight July 1, the Nets called Paul Pierce to tell him they wanted him back. They weren't alone. At 12:26 a.m. Marc Stein tweeted that interest was wide. Expect once LeBron and Melo decide, teams will look at backups and see Pierce.


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