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2014 Free Agency

Jordan, Gutierrez, and Jefferson make final roster

Billy King announced to media following Nets' practice Monday that they are taking 15 men with them at the start of the season, keeping Jerome Jordan, Jorge Gutierrez, and Cory Jefferson.

Pierce: It was business, not personal

Paul Pierce spoke to reporters about his departure --and Jason Kidd's-- before the Knicks-Wizards game Tuesday and said he understood the Nets decision not to bring him back was "business" but that he was shocked by Kidd's decision to leave.

Pierce: Brooklyn didn't make me an offer

In a Q. and A. with David Aldridge, Paul Pierce says he thought he would be back with the Nets but when time came for the two sides to lay it on the table, the Nets didn't make him an offer, adding that the team's priorities were about saving money,.

Andray Blatche heading to China

A Chinese website is reporting that Andray Blatche, who opted out of his contract with the Nets in July and then couldn't find another NBA team, is headed to the Xinjiang Flying Dragons, who play in western China. A league source confirms the news.

Nets void Ndiaye contract after failed physical

Two days after announcing that they had signed Hamady Ndiaye to a camp contract -- with a $25,000 guarantee if he made the team, the Nets announced they had voided his deal after he failed a physical.

Nets sign Hamady Ndiaye to training camp deal

After signing Jerome Jordan last week, the Nets continue to bring in big men to compete for a final roster spot in training camp, this one being Hamady Ndiaye.

Offseason Recap: The 'Former' Brooklyn Nets

We take a look at the big moves the Nets didn't make in the offseason, and discuss what and who they lost, including Paul Pierce and Shaun Livingston.

Nets signing Jerome Jordan to training camp deal

Jerome Jordan, a 7'1" center who last played in the NBA for the Knicks two years ago, has been signed to a training camp contract, a league source told NetsDaily. The signing was made official later Thursday.

Zach Lowe on Bogdanovic's potential

Zach Lowe is one of the NBA's best writers ... and a big fan of Croatian basketball. His wife is Croatian and he visits the country every summer. So a Croatian website interviewed him about the prospects of Croatian players headed for the NBA.

Blatche headed to Miami?

On his way out of Spain, Andray Blatche told a top Filipino sports writer he was headed for Miami to negotiate a contract with the Heat. The LeBron-depleted Heat and Blatche have been circulating each other for weeks.

Jarrett Jack under the radar, but not for long

In a normal off-season, Jarrett Jack would have been a bigger story. He is, along with Bojan Bogdanovic, the Nets biggest off-season acquisition, but in an off-season when the retrun of team's best players is the priority, he's been under the radar.

Karasev still has "mixed feelings" about trade

Sergey Karasev knows he wouldn't get minutes in Cleveland, and that his Olympic mentor, Andrei Kirilenko, plays in Brooklyn, but he admits to having "mixed feelings" a month after he and Jarrett Jack were traded to the Nets for Marcus Thornton.

Collins won't foreclose return to NBA

There's no indication the Nets are interested in bringing Jason Collins back next season, and Collins has spent much of the summer promoting a human rights agenda. Now, he tells the Washington Blade he's not giving up on playing again.

Can Jack make Nets fans forget Livingston?

Jarrett Jack is the forgotten man of the off-season. With attention focused on the health of Brook Lopez and Deron Williams, the silence of Kevin Garnett, the emergence of Mason Plumlee and the "youth movement," Jack's arrival is somewhat ho-hum.

Is Blatche working out with Clippers? Nope

Andray Blatche was supposed to be working out with the Clippers this week, according to Jorge Sedano of ESPN LA.. Not so, says his agent. No workout is scheduled and so Blatche remains a free agent a month into the process.

Aldridge thinks Nets "may be OK"

David Aldridge seems to be part of a new wave of punditry, sort of a begrudging concession that despite everything, the Nets may wind up competitive. In ranking all 30 teams' off-season Nos. 1 through 30, Aldridge puts Brooklyn at No. 15.

BREAKING: Markel Brown can dunk!

Sunday was Rookie Photo Shoot Day for the newest NBA players, and while taking numerous amount of pictures is cool and all, the coolest moment of the day was when the draftees challenged one another to an impromptu dunk contest.

Is Jack the 'Ideal Fit' to Backup Deron Williams?

With nothing certain in terms of injuries and consistency, the Nets needed to make a bold selection for Deron Williams' backup this upcoming season. We discuss why Jarrett Jack's versatility and veteran experience is crucial to the Nets success.

Film Study: Where we see Jarrett Jack?

Jarrett Jack is capable of playing both point and shooting guard, but where will he fit best? We break down some film to find out.

Nets' offseason gives Teletovic an opportunity

With the forward position opening up for the Brooklyn Nets after this offseason, Mirza Teletovic has an opportunity to sustain the success he had in his second year with the team.

What happened? A look back from overseas

Reed Wallach was in Spain for the free agency frenzy and the changes the Nets made. One month later, Reed gives his thoughts.

Q&A With Ismail Senol on Bojan Bogdanovic

Ismail Senol is a Turkish sportscaster for NTV SPOR, who has firsthand experience in covering Bojan Bogdanovic and his playing days for Fenerbahçe Ülker. In this feature, we asked him to do a Q&A, so we can all get a better read of what Bojan Bogdanovic is capable of bringing to the Brooklyn Nets. Senol broke the story of Bogdanovic's decision to join the Nets.

Video: Nets introduce Bojan Bogdanovic

The Brooklyn Nets introduced Bojan Bogdanovic to the media on Monday, and NetsDaily was there to capture the video.

Bogdanovic: "I can help the team immediately"

Bojan Bogdanovic was introduced Monday, given the No. 44 jersey that another three point specialist wore, and said although he expects a transition from Europe to the NBA, he believes he can make a contribution ... "immediately."

Nets welcome Bogdanovic to Brooklyn

Bojan Bogdanovic is getting the red carpet treatment from the Nets. On Friday, Billy King gave him a guided tour or Brooklyn, including Barclays Center and the site of the HSS Center. On Monday, there will be a press conference in East Rutherford.

Salaries for Nets three recent signings

ShamSports has the numbers on the Nets three most recent signings and a list of guarantees that follow with them. Bojan Bogdanovic got the mini-MLE, Markel Brown got a fully guaranteed deal and Cory Jefferson a partial guarantee.

Nets add youth, athleticism. How about leadership?

The Nets will be a younger, more athletic and certainly less expensive team when they walk unto the court next November, but what about leadership? Can they overcome the loss of Paul Pierce and Jason Kidd with their reputations for toughness?

FINALLY! Bojan Bogdanovic signs with Nets

Three years after he was drafted and a year after the Nets and he almost came to an agreement, Billy King announced that Bojan Bogdanovic has signed a contract with Brooklyn. The deal reportedly is for the mini-MLE, $10.3 million over three years.

Did Michael Jenkins get training camp invite?

Michael Jenkins, a journeyman European player who saw a summer league stint as his last chance at the NBA dream, will get another ... or will he? His agent says he's invited to training camp, but a league source says that's not so.

Should the Nets have resurrected LinSanity?

The Knicks blew it by not retaining Jeremy Lin two years ago and instead went with Raymond Felton (the 't' is silent). Now a writer for the Daily News suggests the Nets blew it too by not trading Deron Williams for Lin ... and LinSanity.

An early look at the 2014-2015 Nets Depth Chart

There are many versatile players on the Nets roster this coming season, so we take a crack at which lineup can work the best.

Who benefits most from Paul Pierce's exit?

Mike Mazzeo gives up a two-fer Wednesday, a story on what Paul Pierce meant to the Nets and who's likely to benefit from his departure. Off the court, it will be tough replacing Pierce's leadership, on the court, five guys could make up for the loss.


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