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Steve Popper on J.R. Smith: Drugs, Pierce make him look "silly"


Steve Popper of the Record writes Saturday about the suspension of J.R. Smith for drug use and how it fits a pattern for Smith, a pattern whose most recent manifestation has been his tete-a-tete with Paul Pierce. Popper who covers the Knicks and used to cover the Nets writes...

"[Pierce is] fun to listen to, at least until your ears begin to bleed because he doesn’t stop.

J.R., well, he might not be the person to tell Pierce what New York or the NBA is all about. Perhaps the most accurate response to Smith’s words came from another one of the Nets, Reggie Evans, who just tweeted, "LOL." That about sums it up.

The thing about Pierce and Smith is that Pierce is finishing up a career likely bound for the Hall of Fame and has a championship ring. Smith has a history that is clouded with question marks and no bearing to question anything anyone says about winning.

Well, that should settle that. It sums things up nicely. Maybe not. The New York Post will, as usual, have its own unique say.  Its headline: J.R. Spliff.

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