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From Brett Yormark: Hints of a new "Nets" jersey


Ever since the end of the 2011-12 season, it's been all about Brooklyn, as the Nets became the fourth team without its team name on its jersey, just the city it reps. Now from Brett Yormark comes a hint that "Nets" may once again embrace SOME jersey worn by the team.

In response to a tweet from Brett Yormark that he had spoken to adidas in Beijing about "big support of team jerseys in China planned for upcoming season," @BKhoops4Life asked Yormark to "make a jersey that says NETS on it, please."

Yormark's response: "stay tuned."

The Nets will be marketing a short-sleeved jersey this year. The team will wear short sleeves on Christmas Day, just as they wore monochromatic black jerseys on the holiday last season.