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Kevin Garnett: "I already feel this is a championship-caliber team"

Brooklyn Nets

Kevin Garnett hasn't said much, if anything, since the Nets press conference back on July 18.  Now, that he's in China, he's been talking to the Chinese media and makes it clear he's excited about the Nets and their championship potential.

In an interview with with Sina’s Li Shuangfu, KG said his new team could go all the way this season.

"I already feel this is a championship-caliber team," said KG. "They definitely have the temperament of a champion and Deron has a strong heart and strong personality --he’s a good leader-- Joe Johnson too. They’re team players and I’m happy to join them."

On the issue of whether he would prefer playing center, where he played most of last season, or power forward, his traditional position, KG said he would prefer the four, mainly because of his respect for Brook Lopez.

"Playing ball is the most important, no matter what position-I have no particular preference. But if I had to choose between the four and the five, I would definitely choose the four. Brook (Nets’ center Lopez) has become one of the league’s top inside players…I’ve always admired his style, attack & defense."

Meanwhile, his Thursday dinner companion, Brett Yormark, posted more pictures of the dinner on the Nets Facebook page.