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Kevin Garnett, Brett Yormark team up to lure Chinese business for Nets

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Kevin Garnett and Brett Yormark will co-host a dinner for Chinese executives in Beijing Thursday night, as part of the Nets push to attract sponsors for the team in Asia.  Yormark is in Beijing all week to stir up business, while KG is promoting his new sneaker line with Anta, the big Chinese sportswear company.

The two will host a dinner for 20 CEO’s in Beijing.  Among those expected: executives from tech, automotive and sports performance brands.

Yormark has said the Celtic trade has made the Nets "very global." Beyond stirring up business, there's a lot of interest in the team's fortunes, he added, with more Nets games televised in China. The Nets developed a healthy fan base in Asia when Yi Jianlian played for them. NBA TV put a lot of Nets games in their Asian package and despite their losing, the team received disproportionate media coverage in China.