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Bojan Bogdanovic reportedly rejects European extension

Bojan Bogdanovic/Facebook

In what Turkish media described as "shocking" news, Bojan Bogdanovic has reportedly rejected a contract extension offered by Fenerbahce. If true, it means the 6'8" swingman will be a free agent next summer.

Last week, Bogdanovic said he will play in Brooklyn but added that he didn't know when. Fener, who's gone on a spending spree this summer and hired Europe's top coach, has wanted to extend him for several years. The Istanbul club also wanted Bogdanovic to accept the same onerous $2 million buyout that kept him in Europe this season. However, Bogdanovic and his agent want a reduced buyout so he can leave for the NBA if he chooses. Fener was reluctant to reduce the buyout but reportedly offered more money, which he has now rejected.

Although Bogdanovic could entertain offers from other Euroleague teams, he's only talked about the NBA when discussing his next move. Just last week, he was named to the first team All-Eurobasket, the only player without NBA experience voted to the team.  He will play against the Thunder Saturday in an exhibition game.