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In training camp previews, five questions


Beat writers are out Sunday with their training camp previews, laying out in different ways what they see as the strengths and weaknesses of the team as it prepares for Media Day Monday in Brooklyn and then the beginning of camp at Duke starting Tuesday morning.

Stefan Bondy, Tim Bontemps and Rod Boone each pose five questions for the Nets. In the case of Bondy and Bontemps, four of the five are somewhat identical: Jason Kidd's coaching; the health (and remaining skillsets) of the vets; Brook Lopez's foot and which Deron Williams shows up. Bondy also wonders if Mikhail Prokhorov will panic if things don't go well while Bontemps wonders if the Nets can dramatically improve their defense.

Boone also asks about Kidd and D-Will but poses questions as well as about chemistry, Kevin Garnett's influence on Lopez and Joe Johnson's role. In a second story, Boone writes about Kidd's "nervousness" as he sets out on his journey. Mike Mazzeo goes with only three questions --on Kidd, health and chemistry-- but also offers a breakdown position by position of the team.

Fred Kerber, assigned the story on the NBA's biggest off-season moves, calls the signing of Andrei Kirilenko, "the steal of the off-season in a mini mid-level deal."

Bottom line: the Nets have spent a lot of money to build a great team on paper, but the final product is still months away from fruition and no one yet knows what it will look like.