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Power Rankings: Marc Stein says Nets debut at No. 3; Matt Moore at No. 5

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

The first power rankings are out and Marc Stein thinks the Nets are no worse that third, behind two other Eastern teams: the Heat and Pacers (who the Nets did sweep last season.) Matt Moore of CBS Sports has them two places lower, behind Heat, Thunder, Spurs and Pacers

The rankings are based on how teams did over the summer, adding talent both on the court and on the bench.

Stein focuses on the same issue most pundits (but almost never players) point to: Jason Kidd's lack of coaching experience.

Can J-Kidd coach? Can J-Kidd, with zero experience and facing championship expectations, coach a team that will spend nearly $190 million in salary and luxury taxes this season? I know this much: I've seen J-Kidd, at age 38, guard Kobe and Durant in the playoffs. So I know he won't be scared.

Moore thinks the issue is age.

Loaded for bear with a grizzly income. (No Memphis needed.) Can the old guys keep it together enough to make this team a contender?

Expect a lot more next week as camps open.