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Mirza Teletovic, Bojan Bogdanovic big tickets in Europe


Bojan Bogdanovic and Mirza Teletovic had good outings in Eurobasket. Bogdanovic made the first team All-Eurobasket, finished second overall in scoring to Tony Parker. Although Bosnia didn't make to the second round, Teletovic was second in scoring to Jeffrey Taylor of the Bobcats in the first round.

As a result, both saw their value rise and both became hot tickets for Euroleague teams.  According to a report Wednesday by a Turkish basketball writer, Bogdanovic is the subject of a bidding (or more appropriately a buyout) war involving Fenerbache and the Nets while in an interview, also Wednesday, Teletovic admitted that he has been pursued by European teams, to no avail.

Can Pelister, the respected Turkish sports writer tweeted on Wednesday...

In another, Turkish language, tweet, the respected Turkish writer included "the NBA", meaning the Nets, on the "Bogdanovic side."

Meanwhile, in an interview with Bosnian TV, Teletovic talked about how he had fielded offers from various European teams "throughout the summer" but that he wants to win a ring with the Nets.

Asked by the interviewer if he thought his value had risen after Eurobasket, he smiled and said, "I hope so."

"Throughout the whole summer, there were offers ... from European teams to NBA trade offers but I am standing behind what I said when I signed with Nets. My big desire is to stay with Nets and win a ring with them. For me, there is only one team and that team is the Nets," he told the interviewer..

"I think that we have super team. We brought in great new players and a coach, who was before everything else a great basketball player. He knows everything about basketball and I think that I will get my real chance and that we will all together do some big things in NBA."

He said after Eurobasket ended, he received calls from the Nets front office congratulating him on his performance and his decision to play "because it will help me get in shape."

He admitted that last season he experienced a loss of confidence and "a little panicking" when he woudn't play in three or four straight games.  He credited Jerry Stackhouse and Deron Williams with keeping his confidence up and noted that he spoke with Nikola Pekovic who didn't play much in his first season.

Teletovic admitted as well that he underwent a lot of acclimatizing both on the court and off during his first time in the US, from having to learn a little about American football to help understand on-court slang and getting used to New York traffic.

Thanks to BosniNetsFollower for the translation of the Teletovic interview.