Mirza Teletovic

Interview was a few days ago when he had a birthday but was today aired.

Basketball experts are talking that your price after EB have rised. Is that true?

I hope so(smile)

Is it true that you have offers.

Through whole summer there was offers from european teams to NBA(offers for trade)teams but I am staying behind what I told when I sign for Nets. My big desire is to stay with Nets and to win ring with them. For me there is only one team and that team is Nets. I think that we have super team, we brought great new players and coach, who was before everything else great basketball player, he knows everything about basketball and I think that I will get my real chance and that we will all together made some big thing in NBA.

Did you contacted with somebody from Nets after Eurobasket.

Yes. People from staff and office watched our games on EB on stream in there offices and they told me that they are happy for me and that its great for me that I decide to play for Bosnia on EB because it will help me to come in form.

Then there were questions about how he came from Bosnia to Belgium and than to Spain(how he was impressed when he arrived in team were Calderon, Splitter, basketbal). He talked that you can not skip some steps in your carrer. You must go from one step to another.( If you do not belive him you can go on his stats from Euroleage:

Every year was better than year before.)

Then he talked about how he always think about basketball and that basketball player must improve and work everyday. He told one example. When he saw drbble from Joe Johnson he was impressed. He can not belive that one player can do that. He asked him to explain how is he doing that so he can learn. After that he go and talked with coach about that.

About life in NY. He told that when he arrived at NY he had problem because distance between Barclays and training camp is two hours with car. Because traffic is terrible. So he find house in Weehawken because it is on half way between those two places. So he needs half hour to camp and one hour to Barclays.

Next question was about his first year at Nets. She asked him how did you react on bench. Here in Bosnia people were mad. They asked how can they put our Mirza on bench(and yes it was like that :) )

He told that he understood that he needs some time to acclimatize on new life. TO learn some new "expert" terms and that coach is letting him to slowly acclimatize but after 3 mounths when he saw that sometimes he is not getting in for 3,4 games in row he started little panicking. But he talked with a lot european players like Nikola Pekovic( who sited down on bench his whole first season)and he realize that he must accept that things are like that and that he can only continue to work and train hard and that things will come to there place. He feel that it will be lot better this season(SMILE).

She asked him about trainings. What is different in NBA.

He told that he speaks English great but in first two month problem was "slang". Players like to talk in phrases from Amerrican football(we(or something like that) back, safty, 3 poin 8 or something like that) but actually that is not something special it is the way defence is played. They learn that on college and high school . And he was not there but how times passed he get in all that.First month was problem. But Jerry Stackhouse and D.W. were really great. Every time when he asked them they explain it to him without any problem.

For team security cares former FBI agents. He told that it is wery nice and interesting to talk with them. They have great stories, but he did not want to told any of them