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All-Star Weekend 2015 to be in New York


The Nets and Knicks will share the 2015 NBA All-Star game, reports Fred Kerber. The game, on Sunday, will be held in Manhattan at Madison Square Garden while all the preliminary events --the Dunk Contest, Three point shooting contest, skills competition and celebrity game-- will all be held at Barclays Center on Friday night and Saturday.

Kerber reports the official announcement could come as early as Wednesday. A league source tells NetsDaily the announcement will come at an event in a Manhattan restaurant. Kerber originally reported the agreement a month ago.

In addiiton to the 2015 game, the Nets and Knicks have the option, according to Kerber, of sharing the 2017 classic with the two sides switching roles. The game would be at Barclays and the prelims at MSG. The Nets, who will he holding the Nets and Islanders that winter, are unsure they want that.