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Brooklyn Nets have two of the NBA's best value contracts says HoopsWorld

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The Nets payroll will be quite expensive this season, more expensive than than any team in NBA history, but amidst the big name deals and trades are two of the league's best bargains: Andrei Kirilenko and Andray Blatche.

Mark Deeks of Sham Sports and now HoopsWorld includes the two in a list of 10 "Best New Contracts This Offseason." He doesn't rank them, but only the Nets, Clippers and Nuggets have more than one contract on his list.

The argument about Kirilenko is familiar.

"Kirilenko is now here to upgrade on what the recently departed Gerald Wallace produced while earning less than a third of what he did. He’ll do so while also earning less money than the man he is making completely redundant: Mirza Teletovic. Kirilenko’s deal is an outright steal – the very fact that at least one NBA owner asked the league to investigate how it was even possible is a glowing testament to that."

Blatche's two-year vets minimum plus 20 percent deal is underappreciated, Deeks thinks.

"Brooklyn have essentially guaranteed themselves one year of fantastic quality bench production from someone who, when he’s this cheap and this good, is worth it all ... it was all reconciled by just how productive (10.3 points and 5.1 rebounds in only 19 minutes per game) and cheap (one year unguaranteed minimum salary contract) Blatche was."

Among the other values on Deeks' list are Paul Millsap, Beno Udrih, Chris Andersen and J.J. Hickson.