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Toko and Sali get married in Tbilisi

Toko Shengelia and his wife, Salome Jugeli, are enjoying their first day of marriage Monday. The two were married Sunday in Mshteka, just north of the Georgian capital of Tbilisi in the foothills of the Caucuses Mountains.

Irina Pavlova, president of ONEXIM Sports and Entertainment, represented the Nets at the wedding, which took place in the 900-year-old Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, mother church of the Georgian Orthodox Church. Both bride and groom wore traditional Georgian dress.

"it was incredible and very, very touching!" said Pavlova, who provided photographs to NetsDaily. "I'm so glad I went!! They are totally adorable together, crazy in love."

The high point of the reception was Sali's dance for Toko wearing his Nets jersey over her wedding dress, all of it done to John Forte's Brooklyn Anthem. Then,as the music changed to traditional Georgian, she pulled off the Nets jersey to show his Georgian National team underneath. The crowd cheered.

Among the others who attended: Zaza Pachulia, the Bucks center, Toko's close friend and mentor ... and his wife's cousin.