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Nets may have nicknames on jerseys this season


The Nets may have some new players this season, but they also may have some new jerseys too.

According to an AP report, the Nets and Heat may have nicknames on their jerseys this season.

The AP report states:

MIAMI — LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett may soon wear uniforms unlike any other.

Some members of the Miami Heat have been told that the NBA is considering having them and the Brooklyn Nets wear "nickname jerseys" for at least one of their matchups this season.

Heat guard Ray Allen says he wants to wear "Shuttlesworth" as a nod to his character in the movie "He Got Game."

Allen says he thinks players "will get a good kick out of it."

The NBA has not announced the nickname-jersey plan, though some players have been aware of the notion for several weeks. They were asked to submit what names they would want to wear.

It is not official, but when Miami and Brooklyn match up this season, we may see "The Truth" and "The Big Ticket" on the back of Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett's jerseys.

Other nicknames that come to mind that Net players could wear are "DWill," "IsoJoe," "JET," "DrayDay," or "ZeroHero," "A-Squared," "Toko," "Ty" and, of course, "AK-47." What about "White Hawk" for Mason Plumlee? As for Brook Lopez, it may just have to be "Brook," ("Big Disney?")