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Brooklyn Nets and Barclays Center partner with CBS Radio on multi-year sports and entertainment initiative

Jason Szenes

The Brooklyn Nets announced today that they have reached an agreement with CBS Radio that will expand their partnership to go beyond simply broadcasting Nets games, additionally, adding an expansion to sports and entertainment.

According to The Brooklyn Game, via the Sports Business Journal, the deal is reportedly for close to $5 million per year, and it will allow CBS Radio to co-produce events at the Barclays Center.

Where do the Nets fit into this expansion, you ask?

WFAN in New York will continue to broadcast Nets games and they will also add the following:

● station to serve as the flagship home of the Brooklyn Nets, continuing a partnership that has been in place since the 2004-05 season;

● expanded pre- and post-game shows before a number of games and the launch of the weekly "Brooklyn Nets Report" to be broadcast live during the "Joe and Evan Midday Show" (10:00 AM-1:00 PM) available on-air and online at Players, coaches, and executives will be available to discuss the team throughout the season;

So, more Nets coverage on WFAN, which is great for the team, but more importantly the fans. You'll now have more of an opportunity to hear pre- and post-game reports and call in to the Joe and Evan show to talk Nets -- as led by Evan Roberts, a noted Nets fan.

In talking to Barclays Center sponsors back in June, Brett Yormark had said the Nets were near a new radio deal with a "major station" in New York that would increase broadcast coverage of the Nets beyond the actual games. This is that deal.