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On Barclays Center's first anniversary, numbers tell the tale

Brooklyn Nets/Adam Pantozzi

A year ago this weekend, the owners of the Barclays Center were celebrating, along with local officials, the ribbon cutting of the arena, and quietly worrying about everything from revenue projections to whether Jay Z's mic would work when the arena opened for real on September 28.

Now, a year and 2 million customers later, the Daily News reports on how the arena, whose entrance plaza is sponsored by the paper, has exceeded expectations.  Among the numbers cited to buttress the case:

--The arena is now the No. 1 venue for concerts in the US, surpassing Madison Square Garden.

--Nets revenue is now in the top five of NBA teams and merchandise sales in the top five.

--Season tickets sales for the 2013-14 season have topped 12,000 about 1,000 more than last season ... and raised prices by 35 percent.

--the payroll of the Brooklyn Nets — amounting to more than $120 million — is boosting the city’s tax revenues. Players alone make $105 million, the current roster and Travis Outlaw.

--the Islanders attracted nearly 15,000 fans Saturday night to the first NHL game in Brooklyn.

The News points to critics complaints about full-time employees not matching promises and the mixed picture for local merchants.  It also notes that in the coming weeks, just as the season is beginning, trailer trucks will start bringing the first housing modules for B2 BKLYN, the 33-story apartment tower, to Dean and Flatbush.