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Paul Pierce sees a ring in Brooklyn enhancing his legacy

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Pierce talked to Gary Washburn of the Boston Globe about his legacy this week and spoke mainly about what he'll probably do in Boston once he's done, suggesting a sports bar or even working in Celtic management.  Then he talked about how he could move up in the "all-time ranks" with a title in Brooklyn.

"Me and my best friend growing up were talking and he said, ‘Man, what if you win a championship in Brooklyn? Then what?’ " Pierce said. "It’s another level then. There’s a chance I could move up in the [all-time] ranks if I get another championship. So I am still going. And they’ve given me more tools and I’ve got something to build."

Pierce is already guaranteed a spot in the Hall of Fame with his career numbers and his title in 2008, but he wants something more to his legacy.

Meanwhile in another place in his column, one on "storylines" this season, Washburn wonders, "Will (Joe) Johnson and Pierce be able to co-exist?" It's a new theme among writers and pundits.  No longer is it about "chemistry" but whether there will be "conflict." Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel wrote something similar this weekend, in his "storylines" column, asking...

"The more telling storyline for Russian owner Mikhail Prokhorov's all-star team: the inevitable in-house strife between teammates who focus on getting stops (Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce) vs. those who focus on getting shots (everyone else)."