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Three-point shooting a big plus for Nets?

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Nets lost their best three-point shooter last year in C.J. Watson (41 percent overall, 51.9 percent after the break) and replaced him with a player who hasn't made a three in three years, Shaun Livingston.  But they did add two solid three point shooters in Jason Terry and Paul Pierce, who shot a combined 37.4 percent last season and rank No. 4 and 5 all-time in three pointers made.. No one is going to slack on those two guys.

They'll supplement Joe Johnson and Deron Williams. Johnson hit a respectable 37.5 percent from deep, tailing off a bit in the second half as his plantar fascitis worsened. On the other hand, Deron Williams shot better than 42 percent from deep after the All-Star break, setting the NBA record for three-pointers in a half vs.the Wizards. Like him, Pierce also shot better after the break, at 42.5 percent.

After that, unless Mirza Teletovic proves himself, the Nets don't have any "specialists" off the bench other than Terry. and Alan Anderson, who is spotty but can catch fire, going 6-of-11 in one game vs the Knicks, 6-of-8 in another.  He's a career 34.9 percent shooter. Andrei Kirilenko will take some three's but his career average is less than 30 percent. Same is true of Kevin Garnett. With Andray Blatche playing more power forward, you might see him fire up some bombs, although his career numbers are worse at 22.4 per cent.

Then, there's Teletovic, he of the 30-foot Eurobasket bombs. Using him as a stretch four off the bench could give the Nets a weapon they didn't have last year and open things up for Brook Lopez, Garnett, etc.No doubt his confidence is up, but will that translate? As he played more minutes last season, he did improve, shooting 38.3 percent in March and April.

Still, with D-Will, Pierce, Terry and Johnson, the Nets could be one of the NBA's top three point shooting clubs. As Tim Bontemps points out, they were in the top 10 of three pointers attempted and made by 17th in overall shooting percentage.  One more three per game, he notes, would have put them a lot higher and with this group, that shouldn't be too difficult.