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Turkish team will keep pushing for Mirza Teletovic


One of Bosnia's all-time greats,, now working with the front office of Fenerbahce in Istanbul, told a Bosnian newspaper Sunday that the Turkish team will continue to pursue Mirza Teletovic after failing to recruit him this summer.

Damir Mrsic, who played for Fener, said he had contacted Teletovic but that the "transfer" didn't work out.  He told the interviewer that he believes "It would be great for both for him and for his family" to join Fener which has hired Europe's top coach, Zeljko Obradovic this summer and signed some of Europe's top players.

Mrsic said the team, rebuffed by Teletovic, will continue to pursue him. "We did not give up the desire to bring Mirza to Fenerbahce Ulker. "

However, a Turkish blogger reports that Teletovic's agent has denied the reports.

Teletovic has said repeatedly that he has no plans to return to Europe, that he sees the NBA as a challenge. He has two years left on his contract. He turns 28 on September 13.  Two days ago, he said he has been at only "50 percent" recently after being kicked in the quadriceps during a 'friendly" game. After averaging 25 points a game in a German tournament 10 days ago, his production dropped in the final three "friendlies."

Fener has given the Nets grief the last two years. The Turkish team has twice thwarted the Nets attempt to bring Bojan Bogdanovic to Brooklyn. Last summer it refused to re-negotiate his contract and permit the Croatian an opportunity to buy out the contract.  Then, this summer, its refusal to reduce Bojan Bogdanovic's buyout led to the Nets decision to "move on" with him. That in turn led to the Nets pursuit of Andrei Kirilenko and Alan Anderson. The Nets retain his rights.