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Deron Williams suffers ankle sprain, will be ready for training camp


Brooklyn Nets point guard Deron Williams has suffered an ankle sprain and a bone bruise during a recent workout in Utah. The injury has put Williams in a walking boot, according to Bondy, which can't be good for dodgeball-related activities, let alone basketball--related ones.

The good news, however, if there is any, is that Williams is expected to be ready by time the Nets start training camp on October 1st at Duke University.

A real concern, though, is that Williams has repeatedly dealt with ankle injuries, most recently missing time last season which ultimately led to cortisone shots and PRP (patelet-rich plasma) injections in his ankles.

As Bondy notes, though, this approach to wear a walking boot for a sprained ankle and bone bruise is more of a "cautionary" one than anything, but given his history dealing with ankle injuries, it's hard to blame him for being cautious.