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Will Nets be fast ... or just fast-paced?

Jim Rogash

Back in those prehistoric days before "The Trade," Jason Kidd spoke about how he wanted the Nets to be "explode early, get up and down." He talked as well about the key role Gerald Wallace would play as an athletic facilitator. How much has changed since the Nets acquired three rotation players aged 36, 36 and 37?

On one hand, the Spurs ran the sixth fastest offense in the NBA with similarly aged players led by a similarly aged point guard. On the other, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili have a head start by playing together for more than a decade. That's an advantage the Nets won't have. How is that shared experience helpful? "By getting into their offensive sets quickly and getting quick baskets," writes Tim Bontemps.

So what's the likely scenario? The Nets aren't likely to "explode." As Bontemps writes, "don’t expect the Nets to be a top-10 team in pace like San Antonio. But don’t be surprised if the Nets try to push more than they did and finish in the middle of the pack in pace next season."