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Deron Williams joins in ... "Of course we want to run New York"


By the standards of the growing rivalry, Deron Williams comment Saturday was mild. He did not, for example, suggest that the Knicks were unlikely to win anything but the Rucker Park tournament, as Jason Terry did. Nor did he counter J.R. Smith's comments that the Knicks are the "marquee" team in the city.  He did back up Paul Pierce's comment that "it's time for the Nets to start running this city."

"That's my teammate so I'm with him," D-Will told ESPN New York's Ian Begley. "Of course we want to run New York. The Knicks are our rival. I don't get into too much of the talking. We'll decide all that on the court. We have four games to play against them and then the playoffs so I'll let Paul do the talking and I'll just go out there and play."

Of course, if the Nets are to "run the city," then everyone will have to "go out there and play."  Still, it is another marker in the rivalry, one that is gaining attention in places far from New York. Outside Dallas, D-Will's hometown, some NBA vets talked about how there's likely to be a changing of the guard in both New York and Los Angeles.

"If I was to look at it right now I would say that the Knicks are in trouble of controlling New York right now," said Mark Aguirre, at a camp for disadvantaged youth in Plano. "The Knicks are in trouble of controlling New York.’’

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