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Schuhmann: Kevin Garnett has done well in back-to-backs

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

John Schuhmann takes note of Jason Kidd's quotes about Kevin Garnett not playing back-to-backs and thinks it's a smart long term strategy, but note that the numbers show he is more than capable of big minutes if needed.

Over the last two seasons, KG played both ends of 35 back-to-backs (18 in ’11-12 and 17 last season). And in those 70 games, he shot better and got to the line more often in the second night. And he was only a slightly better rebounder on the first night.

Garnett’s mobility and athleticism has declined over the last few years. But his numbers from last season make it clear that he had no problem handling back-to-backs.

The same is true of Paul Pierce by the way.  He averaged more and shot better, both overall (48.1 percent) and from deep (42,0 percent), in the 18 games he played with zero days rest.

Kidd will have to watch KG's minutes within games, Schuhmann writes. "In addition to giving Garnett nights off, Kidd will also have to manage his minutes in-game. Though his free throw rate and rebounding improved, KG’s shooting declined after he played 20 minutes last season."

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