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Kevin Garnett: Brooklyn Nets already have "good bones"

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Kevin Garnett told Sina TV before departing China, that the team, he, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry are joining already had "good bones." He declined to say the Nets will challenge the Heat for the NBA championship, saying only, "We'll see. We will see," suggesting the Nets will need to develop chemistry.

Of his new team, KG was generally optimistic, citing the team's "core"...

"This team already has some good bones. Paul and I and Jase will obcviously make things a little better for the core group, if not over the top better. We bring our experience, our game experience, our accountancy in playing this game. Hopefully, we can make each other better and go far.

"I'm hoping we can create some chemistry."

On what makes a championship team ...

"First thing you need to be a champion is to have the mentality of a champion.  Losing is not an option. Going into competition you know you have to prepare yourself, every night, every night. Every time you touch the floor, you have to be prepared. You have to know your opponent. You have to know A-to-Z what he likes to do. You have to prepare yourself thoroughly.  You have to have a work ethic, be willing to put in the hours. Got be willing to put in the work. Do a lot of things people don't like to do, getting up early, doing the gungy, doing the grit stuff that makes you who you are. Then, you have to have a great team, good team, [people] just as good as you. When you win, it's a culmination of things that come together, mixed in with a little luck also."

On Jason Kidd vs. Doc Rivers...

"Doc's been coaching a lot longer than Jason, obviously. Jason Kidd has been a leader on the floor. Point guards are an extension of the coach and he's been probably one of the most premier guards in our league in our history.  ... I think Jason has the tools, has the leadership, he has the drive to coach, I just I can be whatever he needs me to be to make this team better."

On whether he and Pierce talked about the Brooklyn trade...

"We talked. We talked about the situation. We had countless and endless conversations about, ya know, just change and what we both were thinking and whatever. I looked at it like, as long as I'm able to play and have the will to play, that's what it is. He shared some of his own personal feelings about what he wanted to do. At the end of the day, Brooklyn was a good decision. It was a good pick for the both of us."

On challenging the Heat...

"We'll see. We'll see. We don't know what we are. We still havent been assembled yet, still haven't played and all that. The Heat have been together for countless years.  They've been together for three or four years now. They've been through ups and downs and created some substance about themselves. They've won back to back to prove they're champions."

On the repping New York City and Brooklyn...

A lot more busy, a lot more people.  Boston, you know, is quaint. New England fans are true fans. I'm going to play in New York. I've played in New York obviously but never played for the city but I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to represent Brooklyn.

KG also told Sina's Li Shuangfu that the Celtics, will be fine. "They’re always a team willing to push the envelope when it comes to winning and they got good pieces up there," he said.