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Schultz: Brooklyn Nets among offseason's biggest "losers"

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

In a summer in which the Brooklyn Nets have been praised for their offseason moves, one NBA writer believes that the team wasn't among the winners of the offseason. In fact, Jordan Schultz of the Huffington Post believes that the Nets were among its biggest losers.

Adding Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Jason Terry, Alan Anderson, Andrei Kirilenko, Shaun Livingston and Jason Kidd -- plus, signing Andray Blatche at $1.8 million -- weren't enough to push the team into the winners column, according to Schultz.

He writes:

If the Nets don't win an NBA title next season, owner Mikhail Prokhorov has joked that he will get married as punishment. Despite the team's star power, it is still not better than Miami, Chicago, Indiana or possibly even the Knicks. It remains to be seen whether Paul Pierce (35) and Kevin Garnett (37) have anything left to give, and head coach Jason Kidd will have to make up for his lack of coaching experience. And while I loved that the team signed Andrei Kirilenko, it still does not have solid defense players in its roster. But hey, at least Gerald Wallace is gone!

Certainly, rushing to the altar may not be much of a win for the one of the world's most "biggest" bachelors. But, as far as the team moves, Nets fans have been having to deal with writers "slighting" Brooklyn on trying to decide whether or not they've had a better offseason than the Houston Rockets and/or the Indiana Pacers, but not having to cope with their offseason being among the bottom five in the NBA.

Again, it's the "dog days" of August and the real assessment of whether or not this offseason has been a failure or a success will likely be determined some time in June.

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