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Paul Pierce on D-Will, Prokhorov, tunnels and "war music"

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Paul Pierce spoke Wednesday with SLAM's Adam Figman about a number of things Nets, from what he and Kevin Garnett can bring the Nets in general and Deron Williams in particular, how Mikhail Prokhorov is turning the Nets into a great franchise for the long run, how his departure from Boston was mutual and the music he listens to before Knicks games.

On what he and KG bring to D-Will

PP: "I just think him being around us, understanding our NBA habits, understanding what it’s like to have Championship habits—once he sees that, he’ll take his game to another level. Our influence in how we prepare for every game, how we go about our business, how we eat, drink, sleep. All of those things, he’s gonna soak them up."

On Prokhorov's long term legacy

PP: "Yeah, we got a chance to see him at the press conference. He really seems like a cool guy. He really seems excited about the franchise and really wants to bring a Championship here to Brooklyn, and the team is constructed for that. That’s what you like. You can just tell that this is gonna be an up-and-coming franchise that you’re gonna be talking about in 20 years in the same category as the Bulls and the Lakers and the Celtics and the Knicks. I think they’re gonna be in that category in the next 10-15 years."

On how he, KG and Doc Rivers wanted no part of rebuilding

PP: "Well, I know the insides with everything that’s going on. A lot of stuff got blown out of proportion because of the media, but Doc has always said he didn’t want to be a part of a rebuilding situation. I’ve always stated that the past four or five years. After the season, the owners decided they wanted to go in that direction. It made Doc look like he was quitting but at the same time it was mutual—everything was mutual at the end. The trade, Doc leaving. I didn’t want to be a part of rebuilding; Kevin didn’t want to be a part of rebuilding; Doc didn’t want to be part of rebuilding. I think it was all mutual. We’ve done so much for the franchise that they wanted to help on our end. So Doc went to L.A., and they sent us to Brooklyn for a chance to win a Championship. That’s pretty much the way it was. Nothing more, nothing less."

On how he prepares for playing the Knicks ... What kind of music he listens to pre -game

PP: "War music. All war music...

"I definitely enjoyed it. Just thinking about the rivalry now, and being a part of it—you know I had the rivalry with Boston-New York, and now with Brooklyn—there’s nothing like a crosstown rivalry. Now you have Clippers-Lakers, which hasn’t really been a rivalry ever, but now the Clippers are relevant. And now Brooklyn has moved over here and elevated their play to the level where you can say this is a true rivalry."

There's a lot more as well, including his excitement level ... And growing knowledge of New York tunnels.