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Robert Parish warns Paul Pierce transition to Brooklyn Nets will be "awkward"

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Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

In an interview with The Sporting News, Robert Parish says Paul Pierce should expect an initial period of awkwardness as he transitions from 15 years in Boston to his first year in Brooklyn. Parrish spent 14 years with the Celtics before finishing his career with the Charlotte Hornets.

Some of that awkwardness will be lessened because, unlike him, Pierce is going to a contender.

"Just accept the fact that it is going to be awkward initially," Parish told Sean Deveney. "That’s all. Because he has worn the Celtics green for so long and it is going to be really awkward for him. But it was time for a change and what I do like about what the Celtics did for Pierce and Garnett, they didn’t send them somewhere to another situation that is not going to be successful. They sent them someplace where they are going to win. Garnett and Pierce have earned that right."

League sources have told NetsDaily that Pierce and Danny Ainge spoke about where he would want to go in a trade, and that Brooklyn was at the top of the list. The Nets and Celtics talked about a Pierce trade at least twice before the deal that went down on Draft Night.