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Brook Lopez: Walking boot comes off Thursday

G-Shock via Twitter

Two months after Brook Lopez had the screw in his surgically repaired right foot replaced, he will lose his walking boot Thursday, the Nets center told reporters at the G-Shock 30th anniversary party in New York.

The screw was discovered to be bent in his postseason physical, requiring the surgery. He was photographed wearing the boot near the Little Mermaid statue in Denmark last month and with President Clinton in Malawi and Zambia in East Africa last weekend, making Nets fans nervous. Adam Figman of SLAM first reported Lopez's comments.

Later, Dunk 360 reported the same thing out of the G-Shock event.

The Nets had said in June that they expected Lopez to renew basketball-related activities in August. No word on when that will happen. Mike Mazzeo reported Wednesday that Lopez's world travel is not over. He will be at the NBA 3x3 event in Singapore later this month.

On Bill Clinton, Lopez mentioned to Figman that he and the former President had a nice talk about basketball. Saying that he might even try to make it out to Brooklyn this season to catch a game.

Paul Pierce, who had been stuck in traffic at the Lincoln (not Holland) Tunnel earlier in the evening was also in the attendance at the event and Eminem concert that followed. He told The Source that he expects to change one thing about the Nets.

Pierce tweeted early Thursday that Nets fans can catch him later Thursday in Manhattan.

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