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In which we ask the NetsDaily community to play NBA Commissioner for a day

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Scott Halleran

Last summer, if you recall, we had weekly SB Nation NBA Theme Days to help us get through the dog days, if you will. And, this summer, we're happy to announce that we will once again be contributing to these community posts across the SBN network of blogs.

This week we were asked one simple question: If you were NBA Commissioner for a day, what would you do?

What changes would you make, if any? It can be anything. From contraction to expansion to adding the ol' 50-point basket in the final seconds of a game. Anything!

And, well, with NetsDaily being a, how do I put this, unique community, I wanted to pass this one along to you, the readers, posters and fans.

I was trying to think about what I would change, and really the only ideas I came up with were more cosmetic than anything. Like, I would outlaw the league making us wait until August 6th to find out the NBA schedule on a made-for-TV special. I would outlaw the pre-game dress code for players ("travel in comfort" is what I always say). I would outlaw Travis Outlaw. You know, stuff like that.

Post below and let us know what you would change if you were the NBA Commissioner for a day. But, remember, you only have one day to be as smug as humanly possible, and don't mind us if we boo your idea, it's standard operation for NBA fans when we see/hear from the NBA Commissioner.

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