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Bojan Bogdanovic scores 22 in first back-to-back "friendlies"

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Crobasket/B. Petrinovic

The "friendly" --that is exhibition-- games for European national teams have begun, with Croatia and Macedonia splitting a back-to-back in Croatia. Bojan Bogdanovic scored 15 points in the loss on Tuesday and seven in the win on Wednesday. Box scores are not yet available but the 6'8" Nets Euro-Stash had seven rebound and four assists in the first game. He played sparingly in the second game.

Croatia has a heavy schedule of friendly games prior to FIBA Eurobasket, the European championships which begin on September 4 in Slovenia. Bogdanovic will next play Friday when Croatia plays in a four team tournament in Strasboug, France. Croatia opens against perennial European powerhouse Greece.Croatia will play 12 friendlies.

Meanwhile, tensions seemed to have cooled between Mirza Teletovic and his coach Aco Petrovic. After Petrovic publicly criticized the Nets forward for being out of shape and not playing within the team game, Teletovic promised to train better.

Bogdanovic's teammate on Fenerbahce, Ilkan Karaman became the second Euro-Net to undergo arthroscopic surgery within a week. Karaman, who was bothered by knee issues all season in the Turkish League, underwent surgery on both knees Wednesday to cure persistent tendinitis in his kneecaps. Last week, Toko Shengelia also underwent arthroscopic knee surgery, in his case to treat meniscus damage in his left knee.