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Usain Bolt can't help himself: He's now a Brooklyn Nets fan ... Thanks to Kevin Garnett

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Alexander Hassenstein

Usain Bolt is in Moscow for the world track and field championships but talked about basketball and his new favorite team, the Brooklyn Nets. Wherever Kevin Garnett goes, Bolt follows (not something the world's fastest human is accustomed to.)

"Yes, of course. I will always sympathize with those teams that plays KG," he told Championat, the Russian sports site "Perhaps this is not quite right, but I can not help myself (laughs)."

Bolt freely admits being a Celtics fan and before that a Timberwolves fan but when KG was traded, Bolt's loyalties went with him. Asked if the Nets had a good chance of winning the NBA championship, the never humble Jamaican responded, "The kind that I have to win all the distances that I will take part in at the World Championships in Moscow." He is favored in the 100, 200 and 400 meter races in Moscow.

Asked what he likes about Garnett, Bolt Championat's Leo Savary, "He's a fighter, a leader and a champion. Kevin went through a lot to become what is now. He has a terrific mind, he does not give anyone the advantage even if inferior in size and he always lays out 150 percent. This is something that is really impressive and captivating to me. Even when he is injured or not feeling well, he is always supporting teammates, talks to them, gives them advice during time-outs. Garnett, of the athletes, has leadership and charisma you cannot help but admire."