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Nets moves result in "jealousy, animosity" and respect in other front offices

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Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Bill Simmons and Zach Lowe of Grantland talk for more than 10 minutes about the Nets as part of the latest B.S. Report .. and the basic point of the podcast is that the Nets are the focus of a lot of "jealousy and animosity" around the league but they could be "really, really good," despite the number of picks they gave up in the Celtics trade and the controversy surrounding the Andrei Kirilenko signing.

Simmons first wanted Lowe's assessment of what was the big topic at the NBA Summer League where a lot of GM's and scouts gather. He cited, "Nets jealousy/animosity and the Nets Celtics trade," as No. 1, with the conversation in Las Vegas often morphing from "what a great Finals that was" to "Can you believe that Celtics trade?" The general point, Lowe said, was that the Nets are "unaffected by the CBA." Then, when the Kirilenko deal was announced, that "took animosity and jealousy to a new level."

The two then went into a lengthy discussion of the Nets season, with both agreeing Brooklyn could be "very, very good" or "really, really good." Simmons admitted that as a Celtic fan, he had to get beyond the loss of Paul Pierce to objectively assess the trade. He in fact said that people are "sleeping" on Pierce, who is in a contract year and has something to prove.

Lowe reiterated what he's been writing in his columns, that while people want to compare the Nets to last year's Lakers, as "the old guy team," the comparison misses a key point: "the Lakers had four good players, but the rest of the roster were sub-replacement level." Lowe also threw some cold water on the Pacers prospects saying that while they played well vs. Miami, "they won 49 games, not 60" last year.

The downside for the Nets, both agreed, was the team's general health and Jason Kidd's inexperience, with Simmons thinking there might be issues between Kevin Garnett and "sulky, moody" Deron Williams and Lowe suggesting there is internal concern in the Nets front office about how the vastly different personalities of Garnett and Lopez will mesh.