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Woj: Popeye Jones to join the Indiana Pacers coaching staff

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According to Adrian Wojnarowski, former Brooklyn Nets assistant coach Popeye Jones will join Frank Vogel's staff with the Indiana Pacers.

Jones joined the Nets in 2010 with then coach Avery Johnson, after having played in the NBA for 11 seasons. He stayed on with the staff when the Nets fired Johnson and moved P.J. Carlesimo into the head coaching position. Of course, once Carlesimo wasn't retained this summer and Jason Kidd was brought in to coach the team, the expectation was that the entire coaching staff would get an overhaul, and, well, that it did.

We wish Jones well in his new gig in Indiana, and of course urge you, dear NetsDaily readers, to get those photoshopped/screen-grabbed Popeye Jones pics out of your system one last time in the comments section below.