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Georgian coach confirms no Shengelia in Eurobasket

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Georgian Basketball Federation

No surprise, but a week after Tornike Shengelia underwent arthroscopic surgery on his left knee, Georgia's head coach said the team will be without both Shengelia and Zaza Pachulia, signed this summer by Bucks, is recovering from achilles surgery.

"Zaza Pachulia and Tornike Shengelia are great loss for the team. I believe other players will do their best," coach Igor Kokoskov told the Georgian media. The Georgian Basketball Federation also released a roster for the upcoming FIBA Eurobasket that didn't include either NBA player. Team Georgia has already begun playing "friendly" games in Slovenia, where Eurobasket begins in September.

The Nets have not put a timeframe on his recovery other than to say he will be ready for the opening of training camp.