Teletović-Petrović PROBLEM

BIH national team start preparation for EC 18.07 but because of NBA rules Mirza arrived 01.08. After returing today from the first part of preparation coach Petrović was not happy.

Petrović: " Mirza arrived in pretty bad physical condition, with a few extra pounds. He slowed us down. However, I do not think it would be a big handicap because we can fix it and bring him to the level of physical fitness of other team members in 10 days. What worries me is that we see differently his roll in team.

Mirza, as the captain and the best player of this team, and I as coach must resolve problem like adult men. I understand that there is 14 months frustration of not playing, but I also have an obligation to the team and people in BIH to do a best result on EC.

Mirza must understand that there is no player in the world, including Drazen Petrovic , who played without teammates. Evan LeBron in the first year of the Miami Heat could not win it alone. I can imagine that Mirza is eager to play, but it can not be done without a team and teammates, coaches. I am telling you all of this because you have a right to know what is going on in the national team. On the other hand, Mirza and I talked about this, there was a collective meeting ... I hope with public pressure we can resolve our problems."

BH team captain Mirza Teletovic wants to point out the following:

"-Selector has its own vision of how the team should play and how the game will look like. As a captain, I try to fulfill all of the ideas that selector have, and I will continue to do it in the future. I am aware that the teammates are a little ahead of me, when it comes to physical fitness, as a result of the ban that I had from the NBA. However, the only truth is that I eagerly waited for gathering and hanging out with the guys and playing a serious games.

In next period, as captain and player of BIH selection, I will do evan more in order to fulfill all the ideas selector have, because our goal is all the same, and it's a better result at the European Championships in Slovenia. We have a good team and I believe that we will show our strenghth in the friendly matches , and I'll try to catch old form so I can be a true leader of this great generation of players, we have, "said Mirza, adding:

- I want to mention at the end, that between me and the coach there is not a disagreements and how coach words I perceived as an incentive for the future, because we are all aware that we were offered the historic opportunity at the upcoming EP and we want to take it."

EDIT: Mirza put on twitter picture:

FOr me that is not poor physical condition.

As usual we on "brdovitom Balkanu" always find a reason to argue. :(

Good news is that Nikola Peković will not play for Montenegro on EC.