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Spike Lee praises Nets for hiring at Barclays Center

Nick Laham

In a discussion of HOT 97 Monday, Spike Lee reiterated his love for the Knicks, endorsed Woody Allen's hoops expertise and spoke glowingly about the hiring policies at Barclays Center. Asked, "you being a Brooklynite, do you appreciate what the Barclays Center has done ... ?"

"Oh yeah," he responded. "Everytime I go there, I see people who look like me who have a job. it's great.

"It's great that people can walk to work. They ... I have to give it up to Jay Z and Prokhorov [a name he badly mangles] and (Bruce) Ratner. They made a decision that they were going to hire people from the neighborhoods surrounding Barclays Center and further out, that 'we should look like what Brooklyn looks like.' And its a beautiful thing."