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Brooklyn Nets, a team full of ex-teammates

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Amy Williams via Instagram

Teammates should make for good chemistry, and as the picture above (from May) and the list below show, the players --and coaches-- who will make up the Nets next season have often worked together and like each other.

Here's the list ... but we don't guarantee it's complete:

Deron Williams and Brook Lopez - New Jersey Nets, 2010-2012

Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Joe Johnson, Andray Blatche, Mirza Teletovic, Tyshawn Taylor, Tornike Shengelia, Reggie Evans, 2012-13

Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce - Boston Celtics, 2007-2013

Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Jason Terry - Boston Celtics, 2012-2013

Deron Williams and Andrei Kirilenko - Utah Jazz, 2005-2011

Andray Blatche and Shaun Livingston - Washington Wizards, 2009-2010

Paul Pierce and Joe Johnson - Boston Celtics, 2001-02

Jason Kidd and Jason Terry - Dallas Mavericks, 2007-2011

Jason Kidd and Kevin Garnett - Team USA, 2000

Jason Kidd and Deron Williams - Team USA, 2008

We're not counting the All-Star games, like the 2004 game when Garnett and Kirilenko played for the West and Kidd and Pierce played for the East ... or the 2008 game when Kidd, Pierce, Garnett and Joe Johnson were all on the East squad ... or the 2013 game when Garnett and Lopez teamed up.

In terms of coaching, Kidd was coached for four years by Lawrence Frank in New Jersey. Lopez was coached by Frank for a season and 16 games until he was fired. Pierce and Garnett were coached by Frank as an assistant for two years in Boston. Eric Hughes was an assistant in Toronto when Alan Anderson played there.

Finally, Mikhail Prokhorov was the owner and Nets Director Sergei Kushchenko the GM when Kirilenko played for CSKA Moscow a decade ago.

It's quite the network.