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Brooklyn Nets to work out potential camp invites week of September 9

Brooklyn Nets

The Nets have 15 players under contract, only two of them --Paul Pierce and Shaun Livingston-- with expiring deals, so their roster is set. But they still need camp invites, three or four players willing to serve as practice players during October -- and audition for the Springfield Armor's coaches who'll be on hand.

Josh Newman reports that the Nets will hold a tryout camp the week of September 9 for "under-the-radar players who are looking to secure training camp invites." Newman identifies one player, 6'10" Queens native Kyle Hunt, who's already signed up for the workout. Hunt, 24, last played college ball in 2011-12 at the University of Sciences and Arts, an NAIA school in Oklahoma. Last season played 18 games in Uruguay where he averaged 18.8, 9.6 and 2.1 blocks. Hunt has gotten good notices as well for his street ball play in the city.

Under the CBA, the Armor have exclusive D-League rights to the last three players cut by the Nets, so expect Milton Lee, the Nets GM for minor league operations, and newly minted coach, Doug Overton, to have some say who gets picked since it's likely, whoever gets the invitess is more likely destined to play for them than Jason Kidd.

The Nets have apparently been having a hard time attracting training camp candidates with their full roster. Michael Snaer, the 6'6" shooting guard from Florida State, was offered a camp contract but decided instead to go overseas to play for a team in Brindisi, Italy.