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Coach Nick: Nets better but Heat have "too much talent and teamwork"

Coach Nick of BBall Breakdown takes an extended look at how the Nets will fare this season vs the Heat. The video breaks down both the Nets' inability to handle Miami last season and how this year's additions will help.

Among his points is that both Paul Pierce and Andrei Kirilenko did better jobs against LeBron James than Gerald Wallace and when give added minutes against the Heat, Pierce and Kevin Garnett dramatically improved their numbers. He notes for example that KG played an average of 38 minutes vs the Heat and put up 16.5 and 11.5 in four games. Pierce shot better against the Heat as well. He also points to how the Nets spacing will improve.

Coach Nick doesn't think the Nets rebuild is enough, however. He calls Jason Kidd a big question mark and cites the seven new players on the roster. Bottom line: "The Heat have too much talent and teamwork for the Nets to overcome." The Nets play the Heat at Barclays Center on November 1 in a nationally televised game.