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Nets to hold training camp at Duke University

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Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Brooklyn Nets announced this morning that they will be holding their training camp at Duke University. They will travel to Duke on September 30, the day after media day in Brooklyn, and will practice at the Michael W. Krzyzewski Center, better known as the Coach K Center, from October 1-5.

As Yahoo! Sports' Dan Devine points out, with this move the Nets are looking to send a message:

Or not. But, yes, it's certainly interesting that the Nets are holding their training camp at Duke. Of course Nets GM Billy King is a Duke alum, holding close ties to the University, which certainly has something to do with this decision.

King spoke of the reason behind holding the camp at Duke in a press release.

"With many new players and a new staff, going on the road for training camp will offer a unique opportunity for our players to bond and focus solely on basketball as they prepare for this season." said King. "Duke University offers first class basketball facilities and will provide an optimum training environment for our team."

In addition to King's --and Plumlee's-- ties, Krzyzewski coached both Jason Kidd and Deron Williams on Team USA's gold medal winning teams in 2008 and 2012.

The Nets first preseason game is on October 8, when they head to Washington to take on the Wizards.

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