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Barclays Center has its 'coming out' party at the MTV Video Music Awards

via @BarclaysCenter

Say what you will about the "show" that was the MTV Video Music Awards, but last night Barclays Center -- home of your Brooklyn Nets -- was front and center, as the most talented ridiculous people in music were in town for the 2013 VMAs.

Truth is, while the show itself was like one giant award-show parody with a Justin Timberlake performance sprinkled in for good measure, Barclays Center was the big winner last night; with its many mentions across every possible entertainment platform, its ability to "prove" that it can host such a large, grandiose event and it giving Brooklyn a "coming out" party of its own by letting the MTV Americans know "where Brooklyn at."

Barclays Center deserves a nice tip of the cap.

The Nets were slightly present last night as well, with a piece of "Nets apparel" being added to the celebrity gift bag, for starters.

Then, there was also this:

And this:

In all, the contents of the show itself were ridiculous and more indicative of the downfall of "Music Television" and pop music in general, and less about how Barclays was able to take this sh*t show and turn it out, as they most certainly turned it out. I mean, the evening did cause Norman Oder to note how the event wasn't all that helpful for those in the neighborhood who were home and trying to do their homework.

Those kids and their Macklemores and twerkings and that Miley Cyrus!

Well-done, Brooklyn. And weller-done, Barclays Center.